Bold City Brewery

Hogtown Craft Beer Festival​ in Gainesville
Monday - April 13th 2015

Regina (JaxBrewBitch​) will be representing Bold City Brewery at this year's Hogtown Craft Beer Festival​ in Gainesville on Saturday (Apr 18)! The festival will be held at the Tioga Town Center (105 SW 128th St. - Newberryfrom noon until 5:15 pm.

Watch for the roaming local musicians during the festival including A Parcel of Rogues, Cliff Knizley, Chaquis Maliq and Company Man!

There will be a lot of awesome food vendors at the Festival including BJ's Restaurant, Humble Pie, Reggae Shack, PDQ, Monsta Lobsta, Go Go Stuff Yourself, Bubba Luigi's Road Trip, Off the Griddle, SweetBerries, Stubbies & Steins, Spanish Marie, Relish Big Tasty Burgers, Strega Nona's Oven and Gator Den!

Stop by and say hello to Regina and enjoy some delicious Bold City beer!

For tickets ($45), please visit:

For more information about the Festival, please visit: