Bold City Brewery

Weekend Fun
Friday - April 24th 2015

Happy Friday! We will have von Zipper's Mexican Grill​ Food Truck joining us this evening starting at 6 pm! Check out their menu at:

If you're going to be at Welcome To Rockville​ Music Festival this weekend be sure to try our latest brew, our Orange Screamsicle!

This brew uses big fat bourbon vanilla beans, sweet orange peel and a bit of milk sugar to achieve that flavor we all knew as a kid, an ice cold Creamsicle Popsicle! Just like the Popsicle, this brew is great on a hot Florida day. Super drinkable (insert buzz word 'sessionable') with a low enough ABV that you can enjoy a few! We hope you all have as much fun drinking this brew as we did making it!

Note: 4.5% ABV & 21 IBUs

The Screamsicle will be available here in the tap room next Thursday, April 30!