Bold City Brewery

"Hey, get off my back!"
Tuesday - June 2nd 2015

"Hey, get off my back!" - that's what the manatees in the following video are saying in unison to the group of paddleboarders invading their space!

Can't you imagine that manatees, docile by nature, just have to get angry over being messed with, run over and cut by propellers as they swim through life?

Bold City Brewery supports the protective efforts by wildlife-focused government agencies and private organizations on behalf of manatees. We named our delicious IPA "Mad Manatee IPA" as a reminder these wonderful endangered creatures need special consideration by the boating public.

Our Mad Manatee IPA is a wonderful balance of hops and malt, loaded with four hop varieties. You can expect a slight sweetness with toasted notes, a wonderful floral aroma and crisp citrus finish. It's as bitter as a MAD MANATEE!

See some awesome mad manatees by clicking this link: