Bold City Brewery

Bold City Newsletter November 15, 2017
Wednesday - November 15th 2017

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well and Happy Wednesday!! Just a quick email to let you know what we’ve got going on around here @ Bold City Brewery.

This Friday we’ll have the awesome band Ginger Beard Man playing here @ Bold City Rosselle. There set will kick off @ 7pm and I promise you, it will be awesome. So be here!

Bold City Rosselle will be closed Thursday 11/23 for Thanksgiving. We will be opening Wednesday 11/22 & Friday 11/24 @ 1pm.

Currently On Tap @ the Bold City Tap Room – Rosselle:
Buffalo Trace BA Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale
High West Barrel Aged Mad Manatee
High West Barrel Aged Imperial Chinook
‘The Greens’ Eukanot Wet Hop Pale Ale
Boooooooval Pumpkin Ale
Fritz Hefeweizen
Killer Whale Cream Ale
Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale
Mad Manatee IPA
1901 Roasted Red Ale
Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale – NITRO

Bold City Downtown Update:

Looks like the Red Rye-der Red Rye IPA will be ready to tap next week followed by the Bad Hombre the following week and then the Astral Decay blond Norwegian farmhouse ale the week of the 27th!

Bold City Downtown will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday 11/23.

Here’s the beer’s that are on deck to be tapped @ Bold City Downtown when a tap opens up:

  • Red Rye-der Red Rye IPA. You’ll shoot your eye out kid!
  • Bad Hombre Triple IPA – Illegal in 8 states because of its high ABV, Amber orange in color slightly sweet. Big hop profile/very boozie. 15.5%
  • Astral Decay - Blond farmhouse ale brewed with mandarina bavaria hops, tangerines and Sigmund’s Voss Kveik
  • 8 Bit Wit! Brewed for the Keg & Coin grand opening. This witbier aka white ale starts in a traditional Belgian style with additions of orange peel, coriander, and chamomile. To make it unique, we used a blended yeast and added peach purée during fermentation.

The beers in the hole to be brewed @ Bold City Downtown are:

  • Cummer Museum Charity Brew – Belgian Wit brewed with rose petals, rose hips & oak chips.
  • Smoked Ale using experimental hops
  • Kilt’ Em Wee Heavy

Current Tap List for Bold City Downtown:
Bold City Oktoberfest
Cowfish Rauchbock
Fritz Hefeweizen
Lights Out Schwarzbier
Boooooooval Pumpkin Ale
Buffalo Trace Barrel Aged Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale
Killer Whale Cream Ale
Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale
Mad Manatee IPA
1901 Roasted Red Ale
Nitro Tap – Downtown Duty Spiced Brown Ale

Hope to see you soon! BE BOLD!
Go JAGS! Time to pound the Browns!