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Bold City Newsletter November 30th, 2017
Thursday - November 30th 2017

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well and Happy Thursday!! I hope everyone had an awesome and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday! Here’s what we’ve got going on here @ Bold City Brewery!

At the Bold City Tap Room Rosselle location we’ve tapped a keg from our friends up at Arches Brewing which is located in Hapeville, GA. If you remember, we did a collab with them for Florida vs Georgia called Keg Divided! The keg of brew we have on tap is called SOUTHERN BEL'. This is a deep Belgian pale ale with a traditional pilsner malt character and slight toasted biscuit notes. Dark fruity Belgian esters are complemented by exotic coconut, clove and vanilla captured from the introduction of exotic Peruvian wood. A subtle yet complex beer for the discerning palate.

Currently On Tap @ the Bold City Tap Room – Rosselle:
Arches Brewing SOUTHERN BEL'
Super Secret Stout – Winter Seasonal
High West Barrel Aged Mad Manatee
‘The Greens’ Eukanot Wet Hop Pale Ale
Boooooooval Pumpkin Ale
Fritz Hefeweizen
Killer Whale Cream Ale
Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale
Mad Manatee IPA
1901 Roasted Red Ale
Super Secret Stout - NITRO

Bold City Downtown Update:

We’ve got three new beers on tap at Bold City Downtown. The Red Rye-Der Red IPA, Bad Hombre Triple IPA & Astral Decay Norwegian Farmhouse Ale.

Here’s the beer’s that are on deck to be tapped @ Bold City Downtown when a tap opens up:

  • 8 Bit Wit! Brewed for the Keg & Coin grand opening. This witbier aka white ale starts in a traditional Belgian style with additions of orange peel, coriander, and chamomile. To make it unique, we used a blended yeast and added peach purée during fermentation.
  • Fromage Fumé Bière – Smoked Cheese brew using experimental hop HBC 620
  • Farmhouse Wheat Saison brewed with fresh, hand ground coriander & Norwegian Kveik (Norwegian farmhouse yeast). Name TBD

The beers in the hole to be brewed @ Bold City Downtown are:

  • Cummer Museum Charity Brew – Belgian Wit brewed with rose petals, rose hips & oak chips.
  • Kilt’ Em Wee Heavy

Current Tap List for Bold City Downtown:
Bad Hombre Triple IPA
Astral Decay Norwegian Farmhouse Ale
Red Rye-der Red Rye IPA
Pink Perseverance Pink Guava Kolsch
Cowfish Rauchbock
Fritz Hefeweizen
Lights Out Schwarzbier
Boooooooval Pumpkin Ale
Killer Whale Cream Ale
Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale
Mad Manatee IPA
1901 Roasted Red Ale
Nitro Tap – Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale

Hope to see you soon! BE BOLD!
Go JAGS! SPANK! We must not lose to the Colts. Let’s get the swag back baby!